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Gold Costa Real Estate, Benahavis - Marbella. Luxury properties
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Create a matching profile with our inquiry & we will go through our systems & start matching to existing listings that suits your needs.
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Gold Costa Real Estate Benahavis - Marbella

About Us

Gold Costa was started 2015 by Marinus Maas , who moved with his family from the Netherlands to Spain in 2013.

The entrepreneurship continued in the Costa del Sol in Benahavis-Marbella.

Initially started as a rental broker, but later because more and more customers gained the confidence, the sale of existing and new-build homes expanded.

Purchase guide Gold Costa Benahavis Marbella

Purchase guide


Download our purchase guide with lots of good to know-information about all the steps connected to buying a new home in Spain.

Holiday Rental Properties

Are you searching for a rental property, for holiday, Gold Costa have many years experience in rentals

Sell your property with Gold Costa

Sell your property ? 

Are you thinking about selling your property?

Gold Costa work with professional photography, drone videos & professional materials/prospects.

We’re glad to help you out, contact us & we’ll tell you more about how we work.

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